• What's the Catch with Free Business Cards? A Quick Guide to Business Cards



    There are thousands of online printing services that offer free business cards. So what’s the catch? Are they really free? Well, most of these free business card printers are legitimate, but there are a couple of caveats that you should be aware of:

    You pay for shipping. Free business cards are indeed free, and won’t cost you a thing for printing. You will, however, be charged for the shipping and handling.

    Their logo is on the back. You have control over the front of the business card. Some of these services even let you upload your own completed design. The back, however, is not yours to design. It won’t even be blank. The back will almost assuredly have a printed logo and/or contact information of the printing service.

    So are free business cards worth it? Well, after you factor in the shipping cost and the printers logo, free business cards probably aren’t the best solution for you, and certainly aren’t a good way to represent yourself or your business. To get a more professional business card at a good price, consider our reviews of the best online printing services.

    Here’s a few ideas for alternative printing on business cards (or business card-size paper) Some of these might actually be fine for free business cards:

    • Loyalty cards: buy 10 get one free punch cards
    • Customized Valentines
    • Mini resumes (aka “networking cards”)
    • Maps: easy to throw in an envelope with a wedding invitation, graduation invitation, or party invitation
    • Event Schedules (sporting events)

    For now, check out our reviews of the best places to get business cards (some free, other premium) and a variety of other printed products online.

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